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  • Organic supplements
  • Contract manufacturing: Best practices Q&A
  • Sports nutrition: Energy
  • Functional food: CBD
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Keto products


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  • Upcycling
  • Contract manufacturing: Delivery forms
  • Sports nutrition: Sweeteners and flavor masking in sports products
  • Functional food: Bars
  • Inflammation
  • Botanical sustainable sourcing
    and biodiversity


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  • 2020 Election
  • Contract manufacturing:
    Supply chain transparency
  • Sports nutrition: e-sports
  • Functional food: RTD beverages
  • Premixes
  • Lab transparency



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  • CBD sourcing
  • Contract manufacturing: Processing aids and equipment
  • Sports nutrition: Recovery
  • Functional food: Confectionery
  • Diversity in the industry
  • Digestive health


Sports nutrition: Muscle building
Exploring natural ingredients, such as protein/amino acids and testosterone boosters, that fuel muscle building. We’ll cover these ingredients’ mechanisms of action, recent study results and formulation concerns.
Ad Reservations: December 31
Materials Due: January 6


Hemp, CBD and cannabinoids
The hemp market is expanding beyond CBD to other cannabinoids. This digital magazine will cover the regulations, standards and science behind the supplements, topicals and functional foods for formulators to better understand this developing market.
Ad Reservations: January 22
Materials Due: January 27


Healthy aging personal care 
Healthy aging starts inside, but consumers are still interested in topicals and other products that help them look healthy on the outside at every stage of aging. We’ll cover the ingredients, formulations and product development trends in the heathy aging personal care category.
Ad Reservations: February 17
Materials Due: February 20


Digestive health
Healthy digestion means full nutrient absorption, better health and positive gut-brain connection, but more pressing for many is avoiding bloat and uncomfortable situations. This magazine will discuss ingredients that boost digestion such as fiber/prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.
Ad Reservations: March 27
Materials Due: April 1


The packages that hold natural products often lag in integrity compared to the healthy, sustainable goods inside. This digital magazine will examine sustainable packaging options, technological advancements and ways brands can improve their packaging initiatives.

Ad Reservations: April 20
Materials Due: April 23

Sports nutrition: Innovation
Innovation drives the sports nutrition market. This digital magazine will explore science as a platform for ideation, including new ingredients, novel technologies, and how brands can formulate for the next-generation athlete and active consumer.

Ad Reservations: May 8
Materials Due: May 13


CBD in functional foods
CBD-infused sweet treats, waters, seltzers, gummies, popcorn and more are marketed as helping ease stress and promote sleep, but the cannabinoid’s flavor must be masked, and consumers demand efficacious products. We’ll cover formulation and product trends.
Ad Reservations: May 22
Materials Due: May 28


Sports nutrition: Protein
Protein is a gateway for many active people to become sports nutrition consumers with plenty of animal- and plant-based options. This digital magazine will uncover protein innovations, including new ingredients, formulation hurdles and trending products.
Ad Reservations: July 6
Materials Due: July 9


Curcumin/turmeric has solid research backing its inflammation, joint health, immune health, heart health and cognitive health benefits, but it faces bioavailability challenges. This digital magazine will explore studies, formulation and trending products in the curcumin space.
Ad Reservations: August 10
Materials Due: August 13


Cognitive healthy aging
Cognitive health is a concern as we age, and research is growing on ingredients that help brains develop, improve and maintain. This digital magazine will investigate the ingredients that address mental acuity and stress, as well as trending product types.
Ad Reservations: September 10
Materials Due: September 15


Probiotics and their beneficial effects have spawned an entire “-biotic” industry with synbiotics, postbiotics, psychobiotics and more. This digital magazine will explore how this category is maturing, new scientific developments and formulation considerations.
Ad Reservations: October 5
Materials Due: October 8


Sports nutrition: Female athletes 
The lack of research in women for products marketed to women offers an opportunity for brands. This digital magazine will offer insight into reaching female sports nutrition consumers with the right research, formulations and product offerings.

Ad Reservations: October 30
Materials Due: November 4

Sleep and stress support
Stress and sleep go together as consumers look to natural products to reduce stress and improve sleep. This digital magazine will look at ingredients that support sleep and stress management, and provide insight on formulations to support these consumer concerns.

Ad Reservations: November 11
Materials Due: November 16


Joint health
Consumers of all types are looking to joint health products to ensure flexibility and quality of life—from younger athletes to well into the senior years. This digital magazine will explore research behind joint health ingredients and innovations in product development.
Ad Reservations: December 7
Materials Due: December 10


Biotechnology is a complicated issue in food and supplement supply chains. Consumers demand natural, but biotechnology can help address sustainability, safety and other supply chain concerns. This deep dive will explore how biotechnology has changed the supply chain, regulations surrounding this technology, and how brands can communicate biotech messages to consumers.
Sales Reservation: January 31


Inflammation has good and bad effects on muscles, recovery and performance. It’s not a disease, but natural product claims can turn into drug claims if brands aren’t careful. This deep dive will cover inflammation’s mechanisms of action, ingredient research, product timing and dosing, and ways brands can ensure they are staying on the right side of marketing.
Sales Reservation: June 15


Open Topic*
Collaborate with our team to identify a topic to cover in a deep dive format. 
Sales Reservation: July 28


Sports nutrition: Energy & recovery
Sports nutrition consumers are seeking out super-charged functional foods and supplements
that supply clean fuel, provide a training edge and aid in recovery – for all activities and through
all generations as they age. Consumers, athletes and otherwise, now understand that what they
put in their body greatly affects their health, so when it comes to energy and recovery, they
want solutions that are healthy, clean and can support performance for the long hall.

Ad Reservations: February 6
Materials Due: February 13


Digestive health: Probiotics, prebiotics & enzymes
Researchers are learning more about the microbiome and the diverse functions of various
bacteria, continually discovering new ways in which these microbes impact human health and
disease. The consistent theme running through the findings is: Good health clearly begins in the
gut. This guide will cover the latest innovations and research findings on probiotics.

Ad Reservations: March 9
Materials Due: March 16


Continued research into a myriad of compounds is proving that the diverse sources of dietary
antioxidants support broad ranging health concerns – from improved brain health to sports
performance, and many health conditions supported by optimizing cellular health. This guide
will touch upon various nutrient compounds, including flavonoids and flavanols, fats (like
vitamin E), astaxanthin and more, and overview their basic actions within the body.

Ad Reservations: April 1
Materials Due: April 8


Sports nutrition muscle building and performance
Active muscles have higher energy needs, which are sustained by increased blood delivery of
nutrients and oxygen. Many athletes and active consumers are looking for supplemental ways to
enhance blood flow for greater benefits, including muscle performance and development.
Popular ingredients include amino acids and antioxidants, as well as those rich in nitrates,
polyphenols and protein. Protein formulations have advanced greatly, from improvements in
texture and taste, to trending options such as plant-based.

Ad Reservations: April 20
Materials Due: April 27

Immune Health
Consumers are seeking out products to boost immune health, and they want solutions that are healthy, clean and efficacious. From antioxidants, to probiotics, to vitamins, minerals and botanicals, consumers want simple, natural formulas featuring safe, evidence-based ingredients. This guide will provide information for brand holders and formulators looking for research-backed ingredient solutions in the immune health category.

Ad Reservations: May 6
Materials Due: May 13



Stress and cognitive health
Cognitive health, which includes the mental capacities to concentrate, learn, remember, speak
and exercise thoughtful judgment, is vulnerable to the stresses of modern life. Fortunately,
natural ingredients can help in adapting to stress and even enhance cognitive health. Nutritional
strategies for cognitive health and stress management include a range of ingredients, from
adaptogens to branded specialty ingredients.

Ad Reservations: May 28
Materials Due: June 4


Nutricosmetics are becoming a larger category in North America as brands become more
integrated within the health and beauty marketplace. From collagen to antioxidants, consumers
are demanding clean-label health and beauty solutions to support overall skin health and
wellness. This guide will cover ingredient solutions for the hot beauty-from-within category.

Ad Reservations: July 13
Materials Due: July 20


Joint health
Consumers of all types are looking to joint health products to ensure flexibility and quality of
life, from younger athletes to aging baby boomers. Formulators have a wide range of
substantiated ingredients from which to choose to develop innovative joint health supplements.
In addition, there is growing interest in vegetarian options.

Ad Reservations: August 12
Materials Due: August 19


Healthy weight support
Supplements can support weight management via multiple mechanisms. At the core of today’s
best weight management supplements are a broad spectrum of innovative, high-quality,
extensively researched ingredients from trusted suppliers. They are well-versed in their
ingredients’ properties and the pathways by which they may support weight management. This
know-how goes a long way toward helping formulators select the right ingredients for their

Ad Reservations: September 16
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Contract Manufacturing for Supplements

Contract manufacturing means more than simply co-producing. Choosing partners to support your brand requires strategic partnerships that represent your commitment to quality standards, and often your mission. You have choices in the market, but quality partners supply more than your packaging. You need to ask about procedures for chain of custody; FSMA, FTC and FDA compliance; certifications and seals; sourcing and formulating support. This guide will publish around the time of SSW, so it’s a good way for contract producers, service providers and testing facilities to get in front of manufacturers, brand holders.

Ad Reservations: September 30
Materials Due: October 7


Nutrition for women: Life stages
Women are seeking formulas that provide balanced nutrition and that target a woman’s unique
needs, from hormonal balance to skin and joint health. They have concerns about chemical and
synthetic ingredients, and prefer simple, natural formulas featuring safe, evidence-based
ingredients. Women’s formulas feature a number of ingredients not found in men’s health
products, included to support skin hydration, reproductive and bone health, and graceful aging.

Ad Reservations: October 30
Materials Due: November 6


Healthy aging
Consumers are increasingly accepting that aging is a normal, natural process that’s not
necessarily negative. And so, instead of fearing it or taking drastic measures to “stop” it, many
now embrace aging for what it is and are proactive about growing old as healthfully as possible.
This guide will cover supplemental support for healthy aging and how specific ingredients
impact aging.

Ad Reservations: November 17
Materials Due: November 24


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