Content Multiplier

Key Content Multiplier amplifies marketing ROI by creating video and content assets to help suppliers and service providers stay top of mind with little to no effort. Marketers can use value added assets to support company thought leadership objectives and continue to leverage assets in their own email marketing, social marketing, and website traction campaigns. By converting an existing video into a captivating content experience, this low-risk, high reward content marketing solution makes it easy for brands to create a seamless and ongoing experience. Content Multiplier enables brands to stay relevant and engaged with their target audience, resulting in higher quality leads over time.

The Content Multiplier does not include marketing promotion. The product is intended to provide the sponsor with a marketing toolkit that can be leveraged to support their direct marketing efforts.

Program Details

Program Objective:

  • Asset Creation Content
  • Amplification Content
  • Engagement Extends Life of Webinar/Event
Requirements to create asset:
  • Company logo
  • Company website, destination URL
  • 100-word abstract based on original source video (i.e., webinar or event)
  • MP4 file of original video
  • Presenter information of video participants: name, title, headshot, bio
  • Optional: presenter bio
  • Optional: up to three sponsor-supplied assets (i.e., white paper, research, video, etc.)
  • Optional: accompanying PowerPoint presentation, if applicable
  • Production turnaround: With existing webinar – 4 weeks

Program Deliverables:

  • Interactive co-branded landing page
  • Portal web page with full suite of assets and export/share functionality
  • 60 – 90 second video trailer, compilation of key moments
  • 5 – 10 key moment videos (quantity dependent on length & topic)
  • 5 – 10 key moment text transcripts (quantity dependent on key moment videos)
  • Full video text transcript
  • Full video with enhanced audio
  • Gif of each video
  • Program Duration: 30 days

Price: $3,500