Ingredient marketers are tasked with communicating complex science, technologies and other market differentiators and need to deliver the information in an easy-to-digest and easy-to-remember format. Infographics offer a visually appealing and memorable summary for your customers. You create the infographic
and we will create engagement for you with our audience.

Past Examples

Program Details: Client Provided Infographic

Price: $3,500

Program Details: Informa Created Custom Infographic

Price: $6,500

Program Details: Informa Created Interactive Infographic

Price: $7,500

Custom Program Approval Process

  • Content marketing team works with client on the topic and content of their asset.
  • Final edit is given one review to client and then finalized within 2 weeks from send date and then submitted to begin production.
  • Once in production, the pdf with the images and text placed and formatted is sent to the client for their review of the pdf design.
  •  In order to avoid project delays, requested changes and corrections to copy and artwork by all approving parties should be submitted when returning the initial proof. Continual changes to approved artwork will inhibit us from meeting approved deadlines.
  • Each project includes 3 rounds of edits only and is subject to additional fees for each additional round.
  • Revision/Cancellation penalty: if within 60 days of the launch date a request from the client to delay or cancel the Infographic is received, a 25% fee will be added to the invoice.  If the request comes before 60 days prior to launch, this fee will not be added.
  •  New cost of the Infographic if the fee is applied: TBD on price