Interactive Infographics

Competition for user attention is high. Digital strategies for enticing audience engagement have evolved and Natural Products Insider is prepared to partner with brands to educate customers with unique experiential content marketing.

Natural Products Insider takes the lead. We create and design educational content marketing that adheres to the highest journalistic standards with best-in-class innovative creative design, ensuring optimal audience engagement – and value to our clients. Our reach, audience capture, and segmentation mean that you can feel confident the content is reaching the right targets. 

Past Examples

Program Details

*An 8-week production time period is required beginning from point of sale.

Custom Program Approval Process

Revision/Cancellation penalty: if within 60 days of the launch date a request from the client to delay or cancel the Infographic is received, a 25% fee will be added to the invoice.  If the request comes before 60 days prior to launch, this fee will not be added

New cost of the Infographic if the fee is applied: TBD on price