Press Release

Client provided press releases to be hosted on media site.

Past Example

Program Details

  • Title: 20 words max.
  • Summary copy: 100 to 150 words max.
  • Press release length: 1000 words max.
  • All press releases will be tagged to the Press Release under Media Assets on the Natural Products Insider website.
  • All press releases will be reviewed internally by our team, if there is any questionable information we will send for a compliance review with our standards team. If compliance review is necessary, this will push the launch date by at least 7 business days.*

*When written, printed or graphic material might reasonably be construed as product advertising or accompanying labeling used to market an ingredient or finished product, then it may be subject to review to ensure it complies with our standards. Specifically, advertising must be truthful and not misleading and labeling (any material used to promote ingredients or products) may not assert, explicitly or implicitly, that the ingredient or product may be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease unless approved by FDA to do so.

Price: $500