White Papers

Client provided information document or report. Content is reviewed by H&N Standards for regulatory compliance pre-publishing. Content may require client editing for compliance.
Content marketing reserves the right to edit published landing page copy to assure editorial quality for optimum engagement and editorial style, and assurance that compliance standards are met.

Past Example

Program Details

  • Client Provided Whitepaper.
  • Company logo on landing page.
  • 2-touch email campaign to relevant audience members.
  • Promotional ad placed on Natural Products Insider website.
  • Social media promotion via X(Twitter), LinkedIn.
  • 1 mention in Natural Products Insider newsletter (link under Paid Content section).
  • All leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies over the 60-day program will be provided weekly as they become available.
  • A performance marketing report will be provided at the end of the program.

Price: $5,000