SupplySide Sponsored Intensives: Webinar

Designed specifically to serve the finished product brand professionals in innovation, marketing and procurement roles, the thematic nature of each intensive offers a chance for those people who are working in specific categories to get an intensive networking experience as well as an abundance of related content. 

Tell your story, discuss innovation and share intelligence with the SupplySide Sponsored Intensive.

Program Details

  • Available to up to 4 sponsors per intensive topic
  • Each sponsor will give a 10-minute live presentation as well as, participate in a 20-minute live Q&A at the end of the session
  • Hosted by Informa Markets Content Marketing lead.
  • Sponsor recognition on Webinar registration landing page
  • Performance marketing:
    • 3-touch email campaign to relevant audience members
    • Promotional ad placed on NPI
    • Social media promotion via Twitter and LinkedIn
  • All pre-reg leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies will be sent within 24 hours of live webinar.
  • All leads that have given consent for 3rd party share per Informa data privacy policies over the 60-day program will be provided weekly as they become available.
    • Full payment is required for leads to be released.
  • A performance marketing report will be provided at the end of the program.
  • Technical details:
    • Technical rehearsal will be scheduled no later than 5 business days prior to the live date.
    • Finalized slide deck (PowerPoint – widescreen format only) to be sent to the program manager no later than 72 business hours prior to the live date. Failure to do so may result in formatting issues, which Informa will not be held responsible for.

Price: $3,500